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Asora Bladeweaver

"There is only one worse fate than death from the Scourge. It's a death from my hands."





Place of birth:

Night Elf

Died at 1257


Ebon Blade


Ruthless Death Knight whose emotions towards people lost any meaning with the moment of death. She believes death has opened her eyes on many aspects of life.

Her past as a Sentinel perfected her skill in using polearms as a weapon and with transformation into Death Knight she learned how to bend shadow magic to her will.

Path of constant failures forged her character from friendly and peaceful to bereaved and harsh. Even though Asora is deepened in sorrow, she still can find some positives in her existance.




          Asora was born on Darkshore some time after sundering when all the lands became divided into continents. In comparison to other lands inhabited by the Kaldorei, despite having a wonderful charm matching the Night Elven culture, Darkshore wasn’t a good place to live. Because of the harsh environment, Asora was forced to live a hard life what forged her will and tested her endurance.

          At first she was very devoted to her goddess Elune so her dream was to be one of the greatest priestesses from Sisterhood of Elune but fate didn't decide to push her that way. She tried to do her best to worship her goddess and learn about her powerful teachings to spread them around but she quickly realized that Elune didn't see her as one of her priestesses. As she heard, there was something troubling her, some darkness inside that worried other sisters. As painful as it was, she didn't give up on helping her people. If she couldn't become a priestess, she turned herself to the Sentinels where she was warmly welcomed by her "other sisters".


          She was always a big girl, taller and stronger than an average Night Elf woman so she didn't have any problems to become a good soldier of the Kaldorei army. During the time she was climbing up on the ladder of her "career", she met new people who in a short time she made friends with. One of them was Marin, a girl from her squad who she always competed with about everything. When Asora had noticeable physically stronger silhouette of her body, Marin's though character was something she always lacked so both of them made a great team together, what made them very close friends.

          One day, after the Horde started cutting down the forest of Ashenvale to gather wood for their structures, her squad along with others was sent there to stop to the invaders. Unfortunately she fell under the ambush and her whole squad got killed or captured by the enemy soldiers. Together Marin Shadowleaf and Celice Spiritbloom, as the only survivors they were brought to the Orgrimmar where they became imprisoned and awaited their execution. During that time she started to develop an inside hatred towards the Horde, especially Orcs what partially changed her character. From peaceful worshipper of her goddess she became a vengeful and fierce warrior ready to kill with cold blood. She spent many days in the cell with the other two being mocked and tortured but there were also moments when they learned new things. Asora started to pull as much information from that place as she could. Most of the guards were offensive towards them and the only words they spoke were insults but there were also those who were actually nice and treated them with respect, not as slaves but as warriors.

Among them was Hugris, the Orc who during his guard shifts spent a lot of time on talking with the prisoners as he believed it was a great way to learn about the enemy and its culture. After many conversations, Asora told him that she knew Umrah - the woman who he fell in love with. At first he didn't believe that but after some time Asora managed to convince him and, in hope of finding Umrah, he released them and helped to escape the enemy territory. Those events made them friends and brought a new perspective to both sides. Asora started to understand how wrong she was and that she shouldn't put everyone in one category.


Her hatred towards the Horde changed, it almost disappeared. Of course she still thought of them as enemies after all they did to her people but she understood nobody was innocent, even her own kind.

          After they escaped to Ashenvale, Hugris begged her to tell him where he could find his loved one but unfortunately Asora didn't know the exact location at that moment. She saw him as an honorable being and together with Marin and Celice they decided to help him find her in return for granting them freedom. Through communication with Exodar, Asora managed to find out that Umrah was sent to the Icecrown to assist the Argent Crusade in fighting the scourge when the Northrend campaign started. It was only a matter of time before Asora together with her friends made their way to the Northrend. Finally after days of searching and struggling in harsh climate, they found the Draenei woman. Unfortunately the happiness didn't last long because shortly after that they were ambushed by the scourge led by the Mortimus Deathcaller. Asora together with Hugris sacrificed their lives so the rest could survive and make it to the Argent Crusade camp with the key information about the enemy. They fought and died side by side embracing the cold touch of death which was warmed by the thought that their friends and loved ones were safe. For now...


 The Rejected Daughter

Behind the enemy lines


          When heroes of Azeroth defeated the Lich King, the bonds of servitude were broken and Asora regained her free will. The complete darkness was gone but the memories of the time when she served Arthas, as well as time before she died stayed deep inside her head. The pain she had to deal with drastically changed her, she became a completely different person. Lost in despair she looked for her place in the world and then she found her old friend Hugris who invited her to the Ebon Blade where, as he promised, she would find her true path. Knowing Hugris is the only person that understood her pain, she decided to stay near him and joined the faction. Since then she works on behalf of the Ebon Blade and tries to do what she always wanted. She defends her people but... using a bit different ways...

          Together they fell, so together they arose. They became the servants of those who they fought. Raised as Death Knights, they served their one and only master - Lich King. From that moment it didn't matter for Asora who she killed or how she killed. Those who she sacrificed her life for stopped to be important. The only thing that mattered was to satisfy her master's will, even if it meant to kill the ones who she died for. Now, Asora truly understood why Elune didn't want her as her priestess, why other sisters were worried about the troubling soul inside her, why she was rejected by the Sisterhood, and the goddess herself. The hand of fate decided for her to choose the darker path, to make her the exact opposite of everything she ever was. Once protector of her people, now a weapon which takes their lives.


The Darkness Inside

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