Keealle Blackbinder

"I know what they like... and it's nothing you can offer."

"The Black Emissary"





Place of birth:

Blood Elf

Young Adult



Eversong  Woods

Young warlock with a talent for manipulation. She is capable of using various magic schools but shows an exceptional potential in fel.

She is loyal and submissive to those who wield greater power than her yet abusive and arrogant to those she finds lesser. She almost always puts her own good first.

Kealle loves being in control of the situation, it's in her nature to find a way to improve her comfort. Even though her attitude is often condemnable, she still can be surprising with her good side from time to time.

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          They say beauty and intelligence don’t go in hand… Keealle, however, is a perfect example of the contrary. Her extraordinary beauty and cunning significantly distinguishes her from the other members of the infamous Blackbinder house. Many would say that she’s ideal, if not for her slightly distorted character. Manipulative behavior became her known trait and arrogance, which is  written on her face, is often the cause of many of her troubles. While many people envied her recklessness, there are those who hated her for it.

          Even among her family, Keealle accumulated enemies and rivals. As a little girl, she participated in many fights or was the cause for them which didn't escape her patrons' gaze. It was the first time her ability to manipulate others was noticed. Me'thaes Blackbinder, Patriarch of the house, became interested in her persona, and Keealle quickly became one of his favorites. The master soon discovered her true potential and saw something he couldn’t see in others for a long time, something unique. Before long, he entrusted her with the deepest secrets of fel practised undercover by the house. Keealle, fascinated by what she had learned, immediately embraced the teachings of her mentor by offering him her loyalty. Vision of wielding such potent magic made her hungry for more and more power nearly falling in addiction. The taste of fel was so invigorating that it made her dedicated to study harder and harder. She quickly harnessed the art of green fire and learned to summon her first demon in a dark ritual. It was a small but loyal Imp named Beltuk which she used for her own amusement and dirty work.


          After she became one of the most promising students, it didn't take long for her to become the emissary of the house - position entrusted only to the most exceptional representatives of the Blackbinders. Her new status raised many questions and filled the house with rumors but she didn't care. As long as she held power in her grasp, it meant nothing.

"Let them talk. I don't care."


          Being exalted by Me'thaes, Keealle began to feel above others to the point where she started to boss them around. Knowing that she is backed by her master, she used her privileges on daily basis, often at the expense of others which has strengthened her confidence and magnified arrogance. She knew that if she wanted something, she would  get it one way or another. While other members of the house condemned her, Me'thaes didn't find that troubling. Keealle was a great tool in his eyes. By showing loyalty to the Patriarch, she proved to be extremely useful in maintaining interests in Silvermoon and beyond. Her extraordinary talent for manipulation has gradually influenced other houses of the mighty kingdom and has earned the family an unquestionable position of political power.

          Not everyone agreed with Keealle becoming the Black Emissary. Many believed she didn’t deserve it, that there were others more worthy of the title. Among them was Razzarok the Vile, a shady orc warlock captured during the Second War who pledged loyalty to the house. Keealle never understood why Me’thaes decided to spare his miserable life and make him one of their own. Like most Blackbinders, she treated him like a lesser being what made him develop a hatred towards her. He quickly became a thorn in her side, watching her every move, listening to her every word, awaiting for her to slip so he could replace her at the master’s table. He used her every mistake to his advantage and quickly gathered many who agreed with his perspective. Even though opinions about Keealle were mixed, Me’thaes didn’t plan to replace his favorite puppet. Razzarok didn’t like it but he knew it’s only a matter of time before the pawn ceases to be useful. He believed the Black Emissary title and all its benefits belonged to him so he decided to patiently wait for the right moment to strike again.

         Being the Black Emissary, didn't only mean privileges. It also meant duties and responsibilities, something Keealle saw as a tiring necessity to maintain her status in the house. While taking care of its interests, she travelled around the seven Kingdoms ensuring the word of Blackbinders influences every nation and its noble houses.

"I'm the Black Emissary. I bring solutions to your needs."


          When Sunwell became corrupted and people of Quel’thanas fell to the magic addiction sickness, Me’thaes started consuming more and more fel to satisfy his hunger. Despite his advisors’ warnings, he didn’t stop filling himself with destructive green energy which slowly twisted his body into unnatural shapes. Concerned with the changes, he tasked Keealle to find someone who could tend to demonic scars, someone loyal and discreet. He didn’t want anyone to know about his experiments with fel after all. Worried with her master’s state she quickly started the search. It didn’t take long before she stumbled upon Nariedis Lightband - young priest who looked after those who couldn’t handle the addiction. His dedication in helping those in the most dire need picked her attention and she realized he might be the person she was looking for. The two quickly got along and formed a long lasting, positive relationship. Keealle rarely cared about people but there was something unusual about him that kept her attracted. Finally, she decided to use his dedication and asked him to help her master recover. He agreed and the two met again at the Me’thaes chambers.

          Sight of Blackbinder nobles devouring uknown green magic while he and other people struggle on the streets with no substitute for Sunwell made Nariedis furious. He couldn’t stand the fact that Me’thaes consumed so much chaos energy that it twisted his own body. He was almost ready to turn away but Patriarch made it known that there was no turning back now. The priest also didn’t want to break the promise he gave to Keealle so he tended to the wounds. Some of them weren’t possible to heal, especially without the Sunwell energies but he managed to bring Me’thaes back on his feet. For his work, Patriarch rewarded him with another source of power he could use to satisfy his addiction. He offered him a relic brought from Tirisfal long before the kingdom of Quel’thalas was founded. Nariedis could sense its formidable power and accepted it as a gift. He didn’t know the relic was never supposed to help him overcome the addiction but twist his mind and turn him into a madman. Keealle recognized the void origins of the artifact and realized she sentenced him to death in the worst possible way. He was let go and for the first time in her life, Keealle felt remorse.

"It's not my fault! ...or is it?"


            When price Kael’thas brought a captured Naaru to the Silvermoon, the first volunteers attempted to bend its power to their will. They managed to harness the creature and use its holy light as a weapon. Therefore Blood Knights were formed with Priestess Liadrin as their matron. Keealle was ordered to observe the ceremony and gather information about the new mysterious source of power. To her surprise she recognized Nariedis among the gathered and felt a great relief. She was glad to find out her friend was still alive but he didn’t seem to appreciate her reaction. He managed to survive a death trap set by her master and blamed her for not warning him about it. Even though their relations got worse because of the incident, Keealle didn’t seem bothered by that. If fact she already set her gaze on another target.

            When the ceremony ended, young priest introduced his old friend to Keealle – Itthilian Brightbane. Unlike Nariedis, he stepped out of the crowd to join the new Blood Knight forces which Keealle found impressive. His calm, nearly stoic nature made her quite interested to the point where she almost forgot about Nariedis’ unjust treatment. From that moment, it didn’t really matter, she wanted to know more about the freshly raised paladin, maybe even form an interesting relationship that would last longer than her previous one. Her goal was simple: make him belong to her. It didn’t seem like a hard task, after all Keealle knew how to perfectly use her attributes to manipulate or seduce those she wanted.

She couldn’t be more wrong…

            As it turned out Itthilian was already deeply in love with someone else - a young ranger girl he knew for a huge part of his life. Their love was so strong that even Keealle’s manipulative attempts didn’t seem to bear any effects. Stoic Blood Knight simply ignored her in favor of some stupid red-headed Farstrider girl. By the heat of the thousand suns, it made her furious! Day after day, she developed more and more hatred towards the girl to the point where the change of tactic was needed. If that redhead took all of his attention, she had to disappear, and Keealle knew exactly what to do to achieve that.

            As she rarely did the dirty work herself, she once again summoned Beltuk, her little, loyal Imp. His task was to kill her new nemesis – Akiasha Embervale, and make it look like it was an unfortunate accident. Keealle thought it would be only a matter of time before the news of ranger’s demise get to her but she gravely underestimated her opponent’s instincts. Akiasha survived the assassination attempts and accused Keealle for murder but with no evidence to support her claim, no one believed it. Since then the two would become the biggest rivals and thorns in each others’ sides.

"Kill that bitch for me!"