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Blood Elf





"Come and put me in my place... or I will put you in yours..."

Keealle Blackbinder




Place of birth:



They say beauty and intelligence don’t go hand in hand… Keealle, however, is a perfect example of the contrary. Her extraordinary beauty and cunning significantly distinguishes her from the other members of the infamous Blackbinder family. Many would say that she’s ideal, if not for her slightly distorted character. She has never been one to hid her thoughts, and has always been honest and ambitious. Her arrogance, which is  written on her face, is often the cause of many of her troubles; however, while many people envied her recklessness, there are those who hated her for it.

Even among her family, Keealle accumulated enemies. As a little girl, she participated in many  fights or was the cause for them, and it was the first time people noticed her ability to manipulate others. The Great Me'thaes Blackbinder, founder of the family, became very interested in that, and Keealle quickly became his favorite. The master soon discovered her true potential, and saw something he couldn’t see in others, something unique. Before long, he entrusted her with the secret of what he truly planned for the family. Keealle, fascinated by what she had learned, immediately embraced the teachings of her mentor by offering him her loyalty. She became a part of a smaller group of the best Blackbinder’s students of black magic, and since then she sits at the right hand of her new master.

Being exalted by Me'thaes, Keealle began to feel better than others, to the extent that she began to boss them around. She knew that if someone made her feel bad, the master would  draw consequences from it, so she began to use her privileges, frequently. She is often entertained at the expense of others, which has strengthened her personality and gained the Great Me'thaes Blackbinder another powerful puppet. By showing loyalty to her master, Keealle proved to be extremely useful in maintaining interests in Silvermoon. Her extraordinary talent for manipulation has gradually influence the higher authorities of mighty kingdom, and has earned the family a high position of political power.

Now, Keealle continues to live in the family, taking care of its interests and ensuring that there are enough facilities that grant her great pleasure. She is also trying to find new adventures from time to time, traveling around and spreading the word about Blackbinders across all of Azeroth.

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