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Died at 45


Death Council


"Only gods can decide about life and death. That's why I'm going to become one..."





Place of birth:



Once a known and respected mage, Revan is now a vile and corrupted warlock seeking out more and more power. When he was alive, he belonged to a group of the most talented defenders in all of Lordaeron. After its fall, along with a few others, he managed to escape from the plague; however, when the Scourge took control, he lost the last place where he could feel safe. Revan, no longer wishing to be apart in the war, instead devoted the rest of his life to magic.

Traveling around Azeroth, Revan’s lust for knowledge grew greater than what he was able to acquire in libraries. This made him reach for the forbidden books, which lead to him practice dark magic. He became obsessed, and then ultimately corrupted by a pact he made with demons that changed his life forever. He acquired new skills that made him even more powerful, but also revealed his new weaknesses.

Among his new abilities, he was able to read minds and manipulate dreams. As time passed, and the corruption increasingly taking control, old memories of lost loved ones began to return. Influenced by hatred, he decided to return to Tirisfal Glades and disrupt the lives of those who had harmed him.

After the acquisition of Lordaeron by the Forsaken, he met Malazar, a warlock suffering from fel-hunger. Revan offered to help calm his addiction if he joined him in his cause. The warlock agreed, and it soon afterward, Revan realized that finding devoted followers with similar abilities would make him even more powerful.

Revan, remembering the talented defenders that were killed during the battle with the Scourge, began to search the deserted ruins of the city. Among bodies he found only one eligible for a resurrection attempt, a woman. After transporting her to his hideout, he began the resurrection, but because of her critical state, it was a difficult process. In the end, after many hours, she returned to “life,” and because it was almost a miracle, Revan gave her the name - Blessy. She soon became acclimated into the dark arts, and then proved she was worthy to enter the demonic pact with Revan and Malazar.
The three of them now form a group known as the Death Council.

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