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Fascinating Research

        The building, once enchanting with its beauty and precision for which the people of Suramar were known, now resembled only deserted ruins and ashes in which no signs of life could be found. Walking carefully and slowly along the corridor, Shaurin marveled at the architecture that was familiar to her but seemed completely new and amazing. In addition to the usual desire to visit new mysterious places, she also hoped to find something valuable that could somehow help the Uncrowned in the fight against the Burning Legion and, on the occasion of course, fill up her almost empty pockets with some gold.

The chamber was filled with an extremely mysterious but pleasant sound reminiscent of a materializing stream of arcane magic. It probably had to do with the ley lines mentioned by one of the Uncrowned agents in the Dalaran underground. How fascinating was discovering the history of her people from thousands of years ago! Shaurin, absorbed in excitement, looked everywhere she could, she didn't want to miss something by accident. Her humble obsession with this place made her behave less cautiously. She kept hooking on objects, jostling stones, and her footsteps became more and more audible as if she felt completely safe. Entering the next chamber, she finally saw the source of the sound reflected in the whole building. As she suspected, it was pure magic of blue color, whirling in its natural charm, as if it wanted to encourage the viewer to come closer. The elf, delighted at her discovery, took bolder steps toward the beam of magic, with each of them making a quiet but noticeable sound. After taking eight steps, the ninth suddenly joined, but this one didn't belong to her. A shiver went down her spine as the sound of the stretched bowstring joined to the additional stomp.

- Turn around. Slowly and calmly. - said a mysterious voice from behind her, and she hesitantly did what it ordered. A tall man with a familiar figure hidden in the shade appeared to her eyes. He was the Night Elf just like her. His keen eyes stood out from the darkness, focusing on her face. - I've been watching you since you entered these ruins. You are obviously looking for something but I don't know what since there is nothing but debris and worthless garbage here. Did I miss something, demon?

- Demon?! How dare you call me that! - suddenly a huge outrage appeared on her face which was so credible that he couldn’t recognize whether it was fake or not - I am a Kaldorei! – she looked him up and down – Just like you from what I see. And don't even try to call me that again!

Uncertainty pierced the hunter with a bow ready to release the arrow straight between her green eyes. Eyes that seemed very unnatural but exceptionally beautiful. Was the demon in the form of this elf casting a spell on him?

- And those eyes? - he nodded in her direction - I have never seen such among my people.

- Only not that… - she murmured under her breath - Do I really need to explain these eyes every time I meet someone? I was born that way, it is not my fault they are green. Why does it always bother you all so much? - Shaurin replied tiredly.

- Yes... I mean no... I mean… I don't know... - the elf's face showed great embarrassment - In fact, they do not bother me at all. They are... charming. - he couldn't believe that these words were coming from his mouth but it was too late to stop them.

- Really? - suddenly Shaurin's frustration turned into secret joy and her face beamed with light blushes.

- Yes. They are quite unusual but also... unnatural. - he understood that he wouldn’t escape shameful thoughts when he saw the smile on her face - Who are you?

- I could ask the same thing. - she nodded, placing her hands on hips - But okay, let it be. I am Shaurin Truestrike, currently I work for Uncrowned and I search Suramar for artifacts that could support our efforts in the fight against the Burning Legion. – she adopted a formal stance to add some seriousness to her presentation - Your turn.

- My name is Javis Feathertale - the shape emerged from the shadows so that she could finally fully see who she was talking to. Suddenly her official attitude became slightly crooked, what surprised the hunter. His appearance intimidated her much, but she tried to hide it with no effect. - I study the lines of this place and I also act in the name of an organization. I've heard about Uncrowned, but I've never had the opportunity to meet any of you. Especially someone so beautiful...

Shaurin blushed even more because of the compliment and realized that the man was not a threat to her. She smiled in response and turned her face in a different direction.

- We tend to hide from others eyes. I am very pleased to meet you Javis but could I ask you to stop aiming at me?

- Oh! Of course! – he quickly took the arrow off the string and bowed gracefully towards her as an apology - I apologize for this incident, but in these times it is difficult to recognize who is the enemy and who is the friend.

- It’s fine. I know perfectly well that safety is the most important thing. - she smiled ironically reminding herself that it was her who was caught off guard.

- So you're looking for something that can help your cause? I'm afraid you won't find anything here. This ruin was plundered by the travelers long time ago. The only thing left is the fragments of magic that you saw yourself. - suddenly Javis's face looked as if he got a great idea - Although there is nothing here, but what would you say for a small study of ley lines? After all, I could use a helping hand.

The elven woman nodded approvingly.

- Sure! I've always wanted to learn more about the charm of this place. Who knows? Maybe together we can find something more than magic here. - she raised an eyebrow suggestively.

He smiled and gracefully invited her to his side. Soon after they both moved deeper into another ruined chamber...

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