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Trip Preparations - Day 3

"DAY 3

I almost forgot about one of the most important ingredients for every successful journey! Mana, mana and one more time, mana!

What if I run out of it in the middle portal summoning? That could end with a disaster! I had an incident like that in the past and it was embarrassing! I wanted to give my friend a quick lift home and opened a portal for him but I was so exhausted after our… let’s say exercises, that I messed up coordination and accidentally relocated him to the middle of the forest somewhere outside Suramar. Fortunately he found his way back home but now he keeps bringing that up all the time to put me in shame (I suspect it brings him a lot of joy). Since then I always try to keep a few mana potions with me.

I asked around if there are any alchemists nearby and everyone pointed me to some guy in Brill. Well, Brill isn’t really that near but everyone kept telling me he was one of the best so I thought it would be worth a try. I could always open a portal there anyway.

UPDATE: This place was creepy! It’s full of the dead! Or undead? Are they really dead if they are undead? And if so, why are they called undead? Isn’t it like the opposite? It’s so confusing!

Anyway, I went to the alchemist and I was surprised that people were so right about him. His name was really hard to remember but most of human names are so I don’t feel bad about that. He had a huge knowledge about his profession which was fascinating! It may sound weird but he was in such a good condition that he almost seemed handsome, at least compared to other people in this town. It was such a delight to listen to his stories and learn from his wisdom that I almost forgot why I went there in the first place.

While he was preparing potions for me, I noticed that he kept peeking at my legs. He thought I couldn’t see that! Ha! Nothing escapes my watchful eyes! And then I got a brilliant idea! After such a long trip (through portal but still), I thought that maybe I could get a little discount or offer a different trade instead of gold - his goods for my goods. Sounds like a good transaction if you ask me…"

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