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Night Elf





"Wake up! Or someone may rob you... me for example."

Shaurin Truestrike




Place of birth:


Young rogue with criminal past hungry for adventures. She is specialized in theft and sneaking, decently skilled in close combat using daggers as her weapons.

She is a cunning and positive person but lack of experience makes her fall into trouble very easily. Forunately she usually finds a way to slip out of the danger.

Shaurin loves freedom and respects nature just like any other Night Elf. She hates being constantly controlled but doesn't mind losing control from time to time.



Shaurin was always a very bold and confident Night Elf. She knew what she wanted out of life, and drew as much pleasure from it as she could. She had a unique beauty, inherited from her mother, that caused every girl in the village to envy her. You could say that she was perfect, if it weren’t for her dark side. Despite all her advantages, she also had a lot of flaws. She often used others for her own gain, which earned her the approval from others and strengthened her self-confidence.

When Shaurin was born, she didn’t know her father. She knew him only from stories she heard from her mother - Ayheaith, lunar priestesses . She only knew that his name was Fisaem, and that he was a druid, asleep in the Emerald Dream.

When Shaurin matured, she began to realize that something was wrong. She noticed that her mother was hiding a secret that, under no circumstances, she didn’t want anyone to know. Shaurin started to ask a lot of questions, but she couldn’t find any of the answers she wanted. Her life became an enigma, that became even more mysterious when Shaurin had to decide what she wanted to do with her life. At first, everyone was sure that daughter of priestess and druid had an inherited a talent for magic. As it turned out, practicing magic wasn’t her forte, furthermore, it was very boring.

Since then, the relationship between mother and daughter was seriously affected. Shaurin knew her mother was hiding something, but still couldn’t figure out what. She felt like she was constantly being deceived, and soon she ran away from home. She started meeting people who had very bad influence on her. Thanks to them, she learned how to steal, and as it turned out, she was really good at it. Her shapely silhouette allowed her to get by unnoticed and, thanks to her beauty, she managed to escape from the consequences. She really liked life as a rogue as it helped her forget about problems at home.

One day, Ayheaith found stolen loot in the room of her daughter. When Shaurin’s criminal career came to light, there was a quarrel in which the young Elf learned the whole truth. The Priestess revealed who Shaurin’s father really was - Raalandiir Shadowheart - a cunning thief with which the priestess had an affair while the noble druid, Fisaem, was asleep. Shaurin now understood why she didn’t choose the path of magic, and why she was so fascinated by life of a criminal. From that moment on, she thought her mother as an ordinary whore and she didn’t want to have anything to do with her. She felt very sorry for her foster father, whom she didn’t know, and realized that it would be better if he didn’t know about her. The young Elf decided that she must get away from the old life and find new one, hoping that maybe someday she could meet with her real father.

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