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Died at 36



Elwynn Forset

"You're asking too many question, Shaurin."

Shawn Darkwalker




Place of birth:


Outlaw who shows no loyalties towards anyone. He specializes in few craftsmanship areas such as leatherworking but is also very skilled in close combat.

Though he is an honorable man, he isn't afraid to play unfair when it's needed. He doesn't bother with morality. If someone desevers a painful death, he will serve it.

Shawn is a character with highly neutral alignment. He puts rational thinking over the concept of something being good or bad. He hates bossy and narrow-minded people and likes those who can understand his ways.



No pain, no gain.

It was a saying Shawn believed until the very end of his life. As a human, he thought that the only way to secure a decent living was to serve the Alliance. He always felt that his faction was missing people in the right jobs, so he started gathering skills in many different professions. Even as a child, he was able to craft simple armor, sew, and forge small weapons, believing that the only way he could acquire sufficient knowledge was to learn as much as he could.

Ultimately, his years of practice finally opened gates to a career in the Stormwind, where he worked with the best and helped with the war effort against the Horde.

Shawn became widely respected for his work, gaining extensive experience which allowed him to meet many interesting people. It was then that he met Valyne, a High Elf messenger who was passing through Stormwind on her way to Lordaeron.

Captivated by her beauty, Shawn decided to abandon his career and set off with her. Unfortunately, Commander Raya, a courageous heroine who was responsible for gathering reinforcements for the army, did not want to let Shawn go until he has finished his work. This forced him to sneak away at the night.

It was that very same day that a large supply of equipment had been stolen, and suspicion of the theft immediately fell onto Shawn. Commander Raya considered this to be an act of cooperation with the Horde and demanded his death once she had discovered he had left with the High Elves. She sent a branch of experienced assassins after him where they managed to catch the group before they arrived in Lordaeron. Surprised by the ambush, the group defended themselves, but they were no match against them, and they were massacred.

Shawn was killed, and because of the unjust accusations of betraying the Alliance, they cut off a part of his head and both of his arms and legs. The only ones who survived the attack were Valyne and Saetan Dawnwhisper. Mortified by the whole situation, they reported the incident to their superiors, and since then High Elves have had mixed feelings toward the Alliance.

When the Scourge took control over Lordaeron, Forsaken soldiers found Shawn’s dismembered body. Due to the shortcomings in the army, they revived and ordered him to help in the fight against the Lich King. Waking up as an undead, Shawn experienced a great shock. He had become what he had once feared. He was disgusted, but at the same time felt hatred towards the Alliance for what they did to him and his elven friends.

When he learned that Lordaeron had been overrun by the Scourge, it immediately reminded him of his friends. Without thinking, he stood on the side of the Forsaken and took part in the acquisition of the kingdom in the name of the Dark Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. During the battle, he suffered serious injuries and was not able to continue to fight. He could not believe that, despite his commitment, he had been betrayed once again, so he escaped into the plague lands and abandoned the Forsaken.


After being betrayed twice, he decided to live out the rest of his life on his own, committing crimes and living like a villain, independent of any faction.

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