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Trip Preparations - Day 2

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

"DAY 2

Sadly I can’t take my workshop with me so I had to get some substitutes for my tools. I went to Orgrimmar where Rogg had his local forge. He is quite skilled with those hands so no wonder they were full of work! Though I have to say, he is a very serious person. I don’t think I saw him smiling or laughing even once when I was paying him a visit. He makes an impression of a hard worker, it’s like he never takes a break! Quite admirable, I must say, but at the same time it makes me sad. Imagine working so hard all your life that you don’t even have time to sit and enjoy a tasty cheesecake with a subtle, sweet icing and incredibly soft, little chocolate pieces sprinkled all over it that melt all over your tongue with each bite, and all of that stuffed with white as snow, thick and fluffy cream… oh my! Where was I? Ah yes, tools!

This time I was prepared! I managed to save enough money to order a simple chisel and a pair of clamps. This should be enough for a trip like that.

I was hoping he would make them for me by the end of the day but it turned out he had so many orders that it would take him at least a few days to even start. I didn’t have that much time so I had to do something about that! Luckily I had an idea that would speed up the process a bit. Well, at least in my case.

Sometimes I think I should be a negotiator. I’m getting really good at this!"

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