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On this page you can learn more about the original characters featured in my art. Their personality, backstory, skills and all the other various things highlighting their uniqueness. If any of these  characters caught your interest you can also check all the works they were part of on the bottom of each page.

Some of the profiles may not contain any of the informations about the character yet. It's because this page is slowly but constantly updated so they will hopefully appear with time.


Main cast

Main cast gathers characters which play the key role in my works. The story is mostly focused around them and their actions usually impact each other in one way or another. They are the foundation for the story driven bits what makes them appear more often than the side cast characters.

Side cast

Characters from the side cast usually play episodic roles thus appear less frequently. While main cast is the foundation, it doesn't mean that side cast is any less important. It may contain characters which appear from time to time as well as only once. These characters mostly add value to the main story, enriching it with the new interesting plots.

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